Restoration Door to the Sky

As the renewed project keeps going, we have the wonderful news that Door to the Sky (Farida Benlyazid, 1985) has been freshly restored to its former glory in collaboration with CCM in Morocco and Dragon DI in the UK. We are pleased to announce the new film will have its world premiere at the National Film Festival in Tangier in Morocco in March, in the presence of Farida Benlyazid herself, as well as the director of the CCM, Sarim Fassi-Fihri. The film will also be donated to the CCM, so that the future of the film is guaranteed in its home country. Likewise, we will be organising further screenings of Door to the Sky in the UK and around the world, so do keep your eyes open for an event near you! Follow us on Facebook to stay informed!

As Dragon DI says: “Although films may be timeless, filmstock never is. Ageing and the accumulation of dirt are inevitable.” Door to the Sky looks absolutely stunning now. A few images to whet your appetite:

We will announce screening dates and venues very soon!