Conference 2018


Morocco in Motion: the Global Reach of Moroccan Cinema

Venue: 50 George Square, Edinburgh University, Scotland

Dates: Fri 26, Sat 27 and Sun 28 October 2018, 10am – 6pm each day

Register online on our Eventbrite page

The Transnational Moroccan Cinema research team has invited researchers, critics and filmmakers for a major international conference to be held in conjunction with the Africa in Motion film festival in Edinburgh in October 2018. The conference will develop the issues, themes and debates from our first conference in Marrakech in December 2016.

At the first conference, the focus was the state of Moroccan cinema and the potential transnational connections for Moroccan cinema in terms theory, criticism and practice. This second edition will advance the debates and discussions from Marrakech to explore the real and imagined global reach of Moroccan cinema – and the transnational connections (not solely those taking place along the postcolonial axis between Morocco and France) that also inform the current state and future direction of ‘Moroccan’ cinema in all its forms.

The conference aims to explore these facets of transnational cinema in the context of ‘Transnational Moroccan Cinema’ – understood here as the production, circulation and reception of films within and beyond Morocco as well as in the Moroccan diaspora across the globe.

Panels include ‘Critical and Political Identities’, ‘Marketing Morocco: Films and Festivals’, and ‘Migration and Diaspora’. There will be three roundtables, one dedicated to Morocco’s neoliberal politics and cinema; another to young female filmmakers; and yet another that will showcase some of the powerhouses of Moroccan cinema: producers, filmmakers, critics, cultural policy makers. Two very exciting keynote speakers will complete a truly impressive line-up for a three day immersion into Moroccan cinema.